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Moshi mosh minna!!!
Welcome to this site! We are your hosts Lady Jenna and Highrunner. Well this is Lady J, I dunno where High is. She tends to be "around". I think she's hiding because she doesn't know anything about html...
This is a non yoai site
we don't have anything aganit yoai, it can be really sweet at times, but we don't want to think of duo like that...
On with the intro
Well this is a site made by us in honor of the most kawaii of shinigamis, Gundam Pilot Duo Maxwell. Isn't he just the cutest! (say yes)

this site is currently being rebuilt, I uh, made a little boo-boo....gomen

restarted at 101 on 3/3/01

If you're going to send us an e-mail (they are ALWAYS welcomed as long as they're nice)please make the subject "your site" it'd be great!
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